Bather transfer system

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New bather transfer system for Gainsborough baths

The latest addition to the new Gainsborough range is the enhanced bather transfer system for the Gentona and Talano hi-lo power assisted baths.

This new powered bather transfer seat has been completely redesigned to improve usability, durability and infection control.
The detachable seat is compatible with a re-engineered stainless steel trolley that provides a seamless transfer between toileting and bedroom areas. This avoids the need for ceiling track and mobile hoists in many situations.

Comfort and reassurance is maximized for users as they are lifted, rotated and lowered into the bath with folding nursing arms, safety belt and an adjustable footrest.

From a performance point of view, the Gentona and Talano deliver:

• ultra-efficient economical bathing with reduced energy and water consumption
• improved operational efficiencies with reduced bathing-cycle times
• heightened levels of patient care and dignity
• more enjoyable bather experiences through enhanced aesthetics, smoother operation and therapeutic features
• reduced servicing costs and downtime with streamlined engineering


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