Geberit AquaClean Care

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How to choose compatible toilet equipment?

An automatic shower toilet can be a real boon, restoring independence and dignity to many disabled individuals who would otherwise be unable to use the toilet independently.

Very often, though, additional equipment is required. It isn’t always evident which items are compatible with the shower toilet.

Geberit has studied a range of different commode chairs and seating systems, as well as toilet support frames, powered lifters and stand aids, to ensure that they work correctly with their Care toilet.

Their guidance highlights the key features of the different products, making it easy to identify the equipment that has the appropriate features to meet the user’s needs, as well as fitting with the Geberit Care toilet.

It includes popular products from Kingkraft, Freeway, NRS and R82 amongst others. Shown here is the Etac Clean shower chair.

You can download the guidance document as a PDF by clicking this link

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Some key features of the Geberit AquaClean Care

• the power of the water flow can be adjusted quickly and easily with a remote control, whenever required. This makes it ideal for anyone who is nervous about using new equipment, or has sensitive or broken skin, or soreness.

• the position of the wash arm can be adjusted to ensure maximum cleaning of the correct area. This can also be done quickly and accurately with the User Remote control. No need for an engineer call out.

• the wash arm oscillates, moving slightly beyond the target area, backwards and forwards, thus increasing the wash area and minimising any need for user movement. This is ideal for those who do not always sit in exactly the same position, or who tend to wriggle whilst sitting.

• a pulsating wash can help with stimulation and in some instances, can help to trigger a bowel movement with prolonged use.

• family members can store their wash cycle preferences, with profile settings for up to four users.

• The Geberit Care toilet comes on a steel frame that can be adjusted easily by a competent plumber / engineer, to give a range of seven seat heights, from as low as 40cm to as high as 52.5cm.

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