Kinderkey Stellan

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Stellan is a complex care system

This safe sleeping system is constantly developing, in order to improve the comfort and safety of people living with a range of care issues.

For example, people who have difficulty with nocturnal orientation, and those prone to injury from falls.

Huntington’s disease and involuntary movements

The Stellan bed system can be made with strong padded sides that are able to absorb the force of involuntary movements.

Sides can be made up to 700mm high from the top of mattress, which will reduce the risk of falls.

The long sides of the bed can be specified with half-length drop-down splits, so that the person in the bed can be attended to and still be safe from rolling out.

This provides effective protection against injury to both patient and carer.

Electric height adjustment enables safe and comfortable access when transferring in and out of the bed.

It is important to be aware of any risks of entrapment. The Stellan system includes a base sheet attached to the four padded sides, helping to minimise this issue.

For people with Huntingdon’s, profiling the head section may help respiration.

Applying the knee brake can help to prevent the person slipping down the bed when experiencing reflexive twisting and arching movements.

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Suitable for people with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

When a person has full mobility but is at risk of falling out of bed or climbing over side rails, extra low height adjustment and a cut out side can provide a safer option.

The part side will provide protection from rolling out, but won’t restrict the person from exiting the bed feet first.

The low height adjustment at just 220mm from the bed frame to the floor lowers the risk of injury. If the bed is placed against the wall, one of the sides can have full height padding.

Having braked castors will stop the bed from moving away from the wall.

The Stellan bed system is compatible with foam mattresses, dynamic air mattresses and the Stabilo positioning sleep system.

There are many possible configurations, and because everyone’s issues, preferences and needs are different, Kinderkey always offer a home visit to assess the most suitable option.

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