New hoists from Drive DeVilbiss

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Samsoft and Hermes hoists are smartly designed transfer solutions

The Samsoft 150 is a lightweight, compact hoist with a small footprint

This is an electrically operated hoist with manual pedals, meaning that the chassis legs can be opened with ease and wheeled around a chair.

The Samsoft 150, shown here, has a smaller footprint than most hoists, so it can be manoeuvred easily in small spaces and through doorways. It has low clearance, allowing easy access underneath beds.

The lifting range is from 64 cm to 170 cm (25 inches to 67 inches) and it can be used to transfer someone weighing up to 150 kg (24 stone). A comprehensive range of slings adds to its versatility. The power unit can be charged onboard or offboard, and it has a quality Dewert control system.

When it is not in use, it can be folded and stored away vertically.

The Samsoft 175 has all the functions of the 150, but has a larger footprint and takes an increased weight capacity of 175 kg (27.5 stone).


The Hermes 250, bariatric transfer solution

Hermes 250 bariatric hoistThe Hermes 250 is a very robust bariatric hoist and is fitted with larger 10cm castors, making it easier to move around.

The four point spreader bar offers greater comfort for the user when being hoisted in a sling. The spreader bar is also angled to offer greater head clearance.

This electrically operated hoist also has an extra electric actuator to operate the chassis. This means that the chassis legs can be be opened with ease and wheeled around a chair.

Like the smaller Samsoft hoists, the Hermes has low clearance for easy access under beds. It can be folded for vertical storage when not in use.

The weight capacity is 250 kg (over 39 stone), and there is an extensive range of compatible slings available.


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