OT’s View on the Bio Bidet

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PDS Hygiene’s Bio Bidet can be retrofitted to most toilets

Bio Bidet is a toilet seat, bidet and dryer in one. It can replace most conventional toilet seats, converting a standard toilet into a sophisticated automatic shower-toilet or washlet which enables users to wash and blow-dry themselves while remaining seated after finishing on the toilet.

Since the company started offering Bio Bidets nine and a half years ago, they have supplied more than 8,500 customers with a dignified and independent solution.

They now work with over 100 local authorities and social services around the country, either directly or indirectly through a chain of suppliers.

The bidet toilet seat is a reliable and cost-effective product, which can be easily installed within days of placing an order.

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Some feedback from one occupational therapist to another

Hi Vicki

Good to hear from you. Hope all is well in Aberdeenshire.

In reply to your email, I have had two great success stories with the Bio Bidet. One is a lady with MS and the reason we went for a Bio Bidet instead of a Clos-o-Mat shower toilet in this case was because her name was on the transfer list, and therefore she was not eligible for a grant.

The other case was a Thalidomide survivor, who also thinks it is wonderful.

On the plus side, it is quick to install – although you need plumber and electrician. Our Stores provided these for me.

I was slightly worried with the lady with MS, because she only had use of one arm. However, she set up the handset beside the loo so she was happy using it in this way.

She had to have a higher toilet pan for transferring from a chair. That is something to check.

Also, the whole thing can be moved, so if she gets another property it will not be too much of a problem (I hope). I think this actually clinched it with our Head OT when I had to get authorisation.

For the Thalidomide survivor, he uses his feet to work the handset.

The fixed controls only come on one side of the loo, so that could be a problem.

Overall, I think it is revolutionary really and so quick.

I suppose as far as Social Services are concerned they are funding these, and they would not have to fund a Clos-o-Mat, because it would come on a grant. […]

Jeannie Dorrington Occupational Therapist

Note: slightly edited for clarity

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