Oxford Sling Guide

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Recently updated, the Oxford sling guide

Judging by the emails we receive regularly at Independent Living, sling selection is a subject that many people find confusing.

Joerns Healthcare has produced a helpful guide to their Oxford hoist compatible slings, which has recently been updated with the latest information.

The PDF document lists all the different slings available, and the users and tasks for which they are suited. It also includes guidance on sling selection and risk assessment.

Elements to look out for:

• FIM scores have been provided as an assessment tool to classify a person’s function, from independence to total assistance. The widely used system allocates a number from 1, where total assistance is required, through to 7, which is complete independence.

• Some slings incorporate “reflex” shoulder loops as opposed to the standard looped straps. This provides automatic adjustment for clients with a lack of seat control or who are prone to extensor spasm. The design allows the sling strap to slide across its attachment point in harmony with the patient’s movement. This makes it more comfortable and less restrictive.

Shown here is the Multifit SL Reflex sling.

• The Oxford sling range includes different fabrics for different situations. For example, 3D woven spacer material has become a popular option. Users often find it more comfortable than standard polyester, because of its breathability and cushioning.

Low friction ripstop nylon covers added to back and leg areas make it easier to position slings.

For bathroom or swimming pool use, polyester net slings are quick to dry and allow water to drain away easily.

Padding and fleece lining are amongst options that can be added to customise an Oxford sling to meet individual needs.

Click here to download the full Oxford Sling Guide as a PDF

Joerns also provides an Online Sling Selection Tool, which is free to register and use at www.oxfordslingselector.co.uk (the link will open in a new browser window).

The step by step tool suggests slings based on environment, transfer type and patient needs. You can download resources to help with selection, including videos. As it also tracks order history, it allows you to follow individual patient sling use more easily.


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