Stylish riser recliners from Alpine HC

Alpine HC riser recliner Capella chair
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Alpine HC introduces new rise and recline armchairs

For the most part, riser recliners have not been noted for their contemporary styling.

The latest range of motorised easy chairs from care furniture manufacturer, Alpine HC buck the trend with stylish looks that work well with modern homes.

The chairs are primarily designed for the domestic environment, but are also constructed so that they would suit a wide range of situations, including nursing and residential homes, hospices, hotels, and general leisure facilities.

Materials used in their construction are durable and resilient, making the chairs suitable for intensive use, without compromising their comfort and domestic feel.

A range of different options

There are five different styles in the new range, and each one is available with various different motor options.

Recliner-only chairs

Recliner-only chairs do not have the assisted rising function, and are designed for users who want a recliner for leisure and relaxation.

They are available as either manually or electrically operated, with a fully reclining backrest and a raisable footrest that make the chair suitable for sleeping in. On the Talitha and Capella chairs (as shown here), a dual motor recliner is possible, enabling the legrest and backrest to be controlled independently of each other.

Rise and recliners

The rise and recline chairs have all the functionality of a recliner chair, but they also rise to assist the user in standing.

This option is helpful for anyone with reduced mobility. The chairs are available with either single or dual motor operation.

Single motor is where the legrest, backrest and rise function are all operated through one set of buttons. Dual motor enables the user to adjust the backrest independently of the leg rest and rise function through an additional set of buttons.

The control buttons may be integrated into the side of the chair, or come as a wired handset, complete with a storage pocket sewn on to the edge of the chair.

This range is available in fabric or leatherette upholstery, in ten different colours.


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