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Posture Cushions by AAT are a system of stabilisation cushions with wide variety of applications, from correct sitting prophylactics, through to rehabilitation, to help in care. Thanks to the adaptability of individual cushions, the shape of user’s body may be used to improve sitting or lying comfort. By proper shape modelling, AAT system cushions ensure the correct support for hips and spine.
Special structure of cushions allows for preserving shape with various degrees of hardness. These AAT Posture Cushions may be modelled like plasticine and, if necessary, the shape can be preserved in the form of a hard shell.
• A wide variety of applications.
• Promotes correct sitting position.
• Very cost effective.
• Flexible yet solid.
• Really easy to use.
• Available now!
Chilli Bean posture cushion by AAT
The Chilli Bean posture cushion by AAT offers the same core benefits as the regular posture cushions with much greater flexibility as the surface area of the product is much greater.
Unlike regular bean bags the Chilli Bean posture cushion retains its set position, but then adapts to new positions when required.
Chilli Bean posture cushion, beanbag is ideal due to its low cost and flexibility.
VELCROARMREST Stabilising armrest
Individuals suffering from cerebral palsy, or those who have suffered a stroke or brain and head injuries are often in need of intensive arm rehabilitation. For the effects to take root it is beneficial for a stabilised arm to remain in the corrected position directly after a rehabilitation session.
The VELCROARMREST mounted to a seat or a wheelchair does just that.
The armrest is adjustable to the shape of an individual’s hand and wrist. VELCROARMREST facilitates abduction and unfolding of fingers or wrist extension. As rehabilitation progresses it is possible to adjust its shape to fit the current state of the arm. VELCROARMREST used directly after therapy allows for effects to take root.
For further information or to arrange a free demonstration, visit the AAT website (it will open in a new browser window).