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2. OwnFone for Telecare | OwnFone

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The simple OwnFone mobile handset is a great way to enhance independent living, as it can be carried around all the time, providing greater freedom for users, while still offering the reassurance that help can be summoned at the press of a button, if required.
It is increasingly being used by telecare companies and health authorities as a cost-effective way of providing assistance and peace-of-mind to users.
OwnFone telecare mobile phones are delivered pre-programmed with only the numbers that the user needs in case of an emergency. As a telecare provider, you choose the numbers and Ownfone programme them. So whether it’s a medical provider, emergency services or a repair service, the pre-programmed numbers are the only numbers that can be called from the phone. This offers incredible peace of mind and a great level of security.
OwnFone telecare handsets can be customised with the logo and branding of the provider, making them a completely unique part of your telecare offering.
OwnFone telecare handsets and airtime plans start from just £110 per annum, which compares to an average landline cost of £200 per annum (BT cost at May 2015). The airtime is provided via OwnFone’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator, held with Vodafone, and can be tailored to suit individual companies’ usage. Group tariffs are available.
A full roaming SIM option is available for telecare providers.
You can find out more on the OwnFone website (it will open in a new browser window)