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Height Adjustable Office Desks, Standing Desks and Sit Stand Tables are changing the way we work. Equality legislation means that the needs of workers with a disability must be taken into consideration, with adjustments made for wheelchair users, and for the many people who suffer from musculoskeletal problems.


A sedentary lifestyle has been implicated in a wide range of health problems, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Spending more time standing at work can make a great difference to health, as well as encouraging more productivity and creative workflow. In the modern office, Height Adjustable Desks’ stylish Sit to Stand desks enable flexible working, hot desking and sharing workspace, boosting staff morale, and contributing to an attractive working environment.

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Ropox Ergo Table

2. Ropox Ergo Tables

Made in Denmark, the Ropox Ergo Table is now simplified and easier to understand. It comes in a stylish light grey.   These flexible tables take into consideration individual requirements […]

Transition standing desk

3. Transition Standing Desks

A Height Adjustable Standing Desk provides a reliable and affordable way of enabling sedentary workers to increase the time they spend standing.   Powerful and quiet, these adjustable sit to […]

Zenon height adjustable table

Height Adjustable Table

Zenon height adjustable table    This sturdy and stylish height adjustable table offers a robust solution when a crossbar is an obstacle to easy access by wheelchair users.   Features  […]