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Pressalit Care provides flexible, functional bathroom and kitchen solutions for all sorts of situations: homes, residential care, rehabilitation centres, schools, hotels and hospital environments.
A range of height adjustable supports and brackets facilitates designs that compensate for disabilities resulting from old age or a physical/mental disability.

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Our Products

track-based adjustable bathroom solutions

Adjustable Bathroom Solutions

The track is the foundation of Pressalit Care’s products for adjustable bathroom solutions.   The horizontal track makes it possible to slide products along the wall, changing their position to […]

Toilet support solution

Toilet Support

Privacy and dignity are greatly enhanced if one is able to use the toilet without assistance. Support for independent toileting includes a comprehensive range of products.   An adjustable height […]

Adjustable shower seats

Shower Seats

Shower seats allow for safer showering sitting down. With its many variations, including backrest, armrests, seats with apertures, etc, the shower seat is a good example of the great flexibility […]

Indivo kitchen

3. Indivo Kitchens

Pressalit Care’s height-adjustable Indivo kitchen has been designed with the aim of providing standing and seated users with optimal working conditions. The lifting units fit most standard types of worktop […]

adjustable height basin brackets

2. Adjustable Washbasins

Pressalit Care’s height adjustable basin brackets have been designed to bring flexibility for users with limited mobility, enabling them to carry out everyday washroom tasks with increased independence.   For […]

Shower and changing bench

1. Showering & Changing Benches

Pressalit Care showering and changing benches are very versatile, suitable for showering or changing immobile patients, delivering nursing care, completing Changing Places facilities (fully accessible public toilets).   Mostly wall-mounted […]