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Win Health Medical is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of medical devices, medical equipment, home health and self-care products.
This page focuses on personal care, pain relief and incontinence. Click here for info on fall prevention and pressure care

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Win Health Medical Ltd Unit 1 Oxnam Road Industrial Estate Jedburgh TD8 6LS Tel: +44 (0)1835 864866 Fax: +44 (0)1835 268136
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Our Products

venowave calf pump

Venowave Calf Pump

  Comfortable and discreet solution to circulation problems Venowave VW5 is a compact peristaltic wave compression calf pump – a venous return assisting device – that utilises patented wave-form upward […]

Cefaly cranial tens machine

1. Cefaly Cranial Tens

  Direct TENS therapy for headaches and migraines Cefaly treats Migraines, Headaches and Stress. It is a medical device utilising established TENS therapy principles in a novel design, enabling direct […]

Youki wound healer

Youki Wound Healer

  Effective two-part wound healing system Youki Open Wound Healing System comprises two wound repair products which work best together to accelerate wound healing and repair the skin:   Youki […]

Bruder moist eye compress

3. Moist Heat Eye Compress

  Moist heat brings relief to dry and sore eyes There are various conditions that make your eyes feel dry and uncomfortable, including dry eye syndrome, Meibomian gland dysfunction, styes, […]

wi-Tens wireless tens machine

2. Wireless TENS Machine

  TENS pain relief delivered wirelessly Wi-TENS is a wireless TENS machine which provides effective relief of pain and discomfort caused by muscular and joint soreness caused by strain, exercise […]